Honesty, integrity and you, the client. It is not about me! It is not my house, not my money and certainly not my decision. I promise to listen and learn everything I can about you. In the end, it's not about my wallet but it is all about your happiness.I love the thrill of the hunt - to find the perfect home. I love the art of negotiation - and in the end want all parties involved to feel like it was a great transaction. I love the sound of my clients voice (or their silence) when we walk into the perfect house and I know they've found the 'one'. I love knowing I've done a great job when the phone rings and someone says 'I've just been referred to you by__'. 


"We have never been involved with a broker who is so dedicated to the details of her profession. She doesn’t miss a thing, either from the property itself or all the conversations going on simultaneously. We both highly recommend Pat Leahy to anyone who has a home to either buy or sell."